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By HotGlueMama On 04/20/02  

ACK! OK, my boyfriend got a bad-ass new apartment. With high ceilings. And wood floors. And single pane, very old windows. And it's a studio. On the night bus line. It's so freakin' noisy!

You just can't sleep there. Just when you're used to the car noise (I like to pretend it's the ocean), along comes a bus or semi or 150-piece marching band or something. Seriously, it is out of hand. Anyone have ideas (some form of magical curtain?) that can damped the sound?

By retro zenith On 04/20/02  

I am in the same boat. Only my apt is not gorgeous, just loud:) I have no idea what to do, but I can sympathize. Not only is it loud, the place shakes when really big rigs go by. I am outta here as soon as the dumb lease is up.

By cochineal On 04/20/02  

You need to absorb the sound with lots of thick fabric all through the apartment. Think of concert halls - all those thick curtains on the walls are there to stop echoes in the big space.

I would start with heavy, lined curtains, then thick floor rugs (shag pile!). Then the walls! Take up weaving funky wool wall hangings or hang more curtains _everywhere_. Trouble with so much fabric is that it can get $$$.

Other materials that absorb sound are egg cartons (for that home recording studio look), cork (giant wall-o-corks pinboard?), felt and people! (can't count on them to stay quiet so you can sleep though)

hope that helps,

By vicky_vale On 04/21/02  

Those were great suggestions Rachel, but if Hotgluemama wants something less expensive and more minimalist try a noise machine, those things are a good investment.

By meemeye On 04/20/02  

How about using heavy-weight velvet? Or invest in some ear plugs...

By ros On 04/21/02  

you could try foam earplugs - the kind you can buy from a chemist, i used to live above a cafe, on a tram route, across the road from a police station, around the corner from the fire station and down the road from the ambulance station and hospital... i really didn't think about noise before i moved there (foolish) earplugs won't block out sirens but they will dull the rumble of passing traffic - i would have got no sleep at all if i hadn't started using them pretty early in my lease, needless to say we moved out into a nice quiet street as soon as it was up.

By whywhyzee On 04/21/02  

Putting a nice thick underpad under a rug or carpet helps out much more than just putting the rug down by itself. Plus, it will be nice and soft and cushy under your feet! I bought some, quite cheap, just asked at the carpet store what was the cheapest, and cut it to size myself with an exacto knife.

Using 'white noise' can also help - if you can't afford a white noise machine, you can always just turn a fan on and use that as white noise.

By Gurlegirla On 04/21/02  

OMG is it in New York? If you dont mind my asking but how much is rent in a place like that? Im dying to move to a NY loft in Greenwhich type place!

By msmolly On 04/22/02  

I don't know about the others, but my occasionally noisy apartment is in Greenwich Village in NY. It's tiny (like about 180 sq. ft.) and costs $1100/month. I lived happily in Brooklyn for 3 years, but decided I wanted a couple of years in Manhattan, so I made the move once my job started making the big bucks. Personally, I'd recommend one of the outer boroughs, where you get more value for money. And I say that even though I do love my neighborhood.

Anyway, on the noise question, yes to the foam earplugs! Those things are my best friends. Even if they don't block every single noise they muffle the sound really well and have helped me get a good nights sleep more than once when my neighbor's conversation or tv was coming through the wall.

By michelle_wayout On 04/22/02  

I live on a main street and my brother's used to like being really noisy at night, and both my parents snore. I would have a pair of earmuffs on hand to block out noise. A box fan in the window, helps in the summer.
I'd say just get used to the noise, it takes a little while but once you do you can sleep through most anything.
Except lousy kids banging on the plexiglass at the bus stop at 1:30....friggin' kids.

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