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By Lulu4craftz On 04/19/02  

know any good tips for tile mosaic on a table top? it's not a huge table - just about big enough for two people to have their morning coffee ...or morning coffee spiked with tequilla (depending on the day!).

I once had a book that suggested sprinkling dry grout on the table, and then using a spray bottle to wet the grout & spread it. I lost the book I don't remember the details. Any tips?

Also - anyone know of cheap places to get the tiny squares of colored glass tile?


By Amelia On 04/19/02  

The tiles can be sooooo expensive. I made a cute table by buying old scraps of stained glass, cutting them to shape, and using those as tiles. It's really pretty if you paint the table a color, glue clear glass pieces down with a clear glue, and then grout.

As for grout... I have a lot of trouble with grout. I either get it too thick or too runny. No luck with pre-mixed grout either. I'd suggest making a sample mosaic and practising on that first if you don't have much experience.

By Halonine9 On 04/19/02  

I just did my tabletop.
I went to Home Depot and bought the bathroom/kitchen tiles in 5 different colors for .33 a piece, I got about 15-20 tiles so it was like $5-7. I smashed them in a plastic bag with a hammer. I didn't use all the pieces so I have some left over.
I used mastic to attach them to the table. It was $5 for a tub (with plenty left over for another porject)
Then I got the grout for $7.50 and it wasn't too bad. I just mixed in about 2 1/4 cups of water to the 7lbs of grout.
Then I just put the grout on with my hands. No more tools. Then I used an old sponge to wipe the excess.
And it looks pretty good. All for about $20. Plus some left over materials.
Have fun with it. Hope it works out :)

By overcoat On 04/19/02  

It really depends on what kind of material you are using for the mosaic its self. If you're using tile you can use either sanded or un sanded (only if your gaps are under 1/8 inch or else you may get cracks). And if you're using glass pieces in think un sanded looks best plus definatly won't scratch the glass.

ok, so onto mixing the grout; I usually do not add anything except water (now if it was outseide it would be a different story, and you would have to add the extra stuff). I personally do not measure, but have a little tub of grout and just add water until it is an oatmeal consistancy. You should wear gloves during the process of applying the grout. Once your table is grouted you can leave the grout to set up (no more then 15 minutes or else you may have a huge problem later). Get a sponge (if it's a big sponge cut into several pieces so you can get all the 'grim' off later) with a little bucket of water (ring out sponge so it is just damp) and clean off the excess grout. Leave for about 10 minutes and come back and clean off the grout residue. Check on the grout a few times for the next couple of hours getting off the excess residue. Then you're done! You should seal the grout. I believe it should be done three days after the grouting process.

If you're really unsure of yourself and do not want to ruin the table, definatly do a test project.

Ok hope that helped & did not confuse you even more.

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