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By shannon On 04/18/02  

next weekend is my prom..instead of buying expensive flowers for boutineers/corsages I'm going to make them for me and my boyfriend out of that thick wired ribbon, rolled up and edges folded over to look like cool little flowers. (my dress is zebra print, so i was gonna do black flowers or something) anyway, i'm looking for a couple more ideas people might have? i'm all about classic or way funky so anything is appreciated.

i'm a little bummed out about prom right now because my boyfriend was supposed to get all our plans together (we're not going with my 'friends') and as much as i love him to death he totally....isn't..getting them together..! i'm very spur of the moment and who-cares-if-its-not-picture-perfect, but i'm out of it lately. really strssed out..and plus i just got the flu and i had to miss our band's trip to the beach and all, so this week/weekend while everyone is down partying i'm at home on the couch...and my parents are also going out of town this weekend, get that! anyway.................sorry guys..i had to complain to someone. for some reason it makes me feel better..please complain to me too!

By farce On 04/18/02  

those corsages sounds super duper great! Your dress sounds good too. I wore a really exciting pink taffeta dress with pockets and black boots to my senior prom. I thought that i best be comfortable or not go at all. Dont worry about complaining, next time im all stressed out im sure ill post it here too :)

By bonnell99 On 04/19/02  

great idea for corsages!

One way to make ribbon roses that works really well with wired ribbon is to make those slinky things--damn, I'm not sure how to describe them. We used to make them out of straw wrappers.

Let me try though. Take a piece of ribbon, and at the center point, fold one end up to make a 90 degree angle. The ribbon should look like a big L--call the top leg of the L end A, and the lower leg end B. Fold end B over to the left, making a backwards L. Fold end A down, B over to the right, A up, B left, A down, etc etc. until you've got a little stack of folded ribbon.

Holding both A and B ends close to the last fold, pull on one of them, scrunching the ribbon into a flower. Wire-edged ribbon will hold itself for a little bit, but just secure the ends underneath with a little glue or a couple of stitches.

Jeez, I hope that made sense!


By shannon On 04/19/02  

oooh, that folding idea sounds pretty cool. i'll have to try it!

i think i'm maybe gonna either get fake greenery (or..blackery lol) to make it look more flowerish, or maybe get like funky beads or something to make it sparkle a little bit. either way i'm going to have to invest in some floral tape that stuff expensive?

By selainek On 04/19/02  

it sounds like you already have the ribbon rose part pretty well figured out, but just in case you need some inspiration check out these links..

Traditional Ribbon Roses (and leaves)>

Fancy Ribbon Rose (and leaves)>

hope this helps ;)


By shannon On 04/23/02  

ok, i know this is a couple days old, but i'm so excited i just have to share...
instead of getting ribbon i got distracted by these gorgeous yellow tropical looking flowers, and some orangyyellow colored i splurged on a ton of fake flowers and some orange ribbon and i'm going with that. =) mom's letting me borrow these yellow saphire earrings she has and i went over to wally world and spent way too much on pale orange eyeshadow and this glossy coral colored lip stuff and that covergirl skin lights, i NEVER buy makeup..i can't believe i did that. i just can't help it. i'm way to excited about this.
i'm gonna look like an african queen! this is totally not me...

By kategirl On 04/24/02  

I got a roll of floral tape at Frank's last week for $1.50, 60 ft I think. Not expensive at all.

I too made my own corsage for prom last weekend. it rocked, but it was out of fake flowers b/c real flowers sometimes bother my allergies.

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