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By pattijo47 On 04/18/02  

Hey everybody, just like the trash to treasure topic i think we should have a topic where everyone can share their do it yourself beauty recipies. I am fresh out, except for a recipie in the bedhead topic, which inspired me for this, hehe, so cough em up, all those secret little tricks i know you amazing women have :D

By amberleigh On 04/18/02  

Here's a easy recipe for homemade hair gel. Cheap... no chemicals... gotta love that!

1 cup water
2 Tbls. flax seed
2 drops scented oil - your choice of scent

-Combine water and seeds in a small saucepan.
-Bring to a boil then remove from heat.
-Allow to set for a half an hour.
-Strain through fine collander.
-When completely cooled, add scented oil.
-Transfer to a wide-mouthed jar with lid.

By jayceek On 04/18/02  

Homemade NADS Recipe:

Juice of 1/2 a lemon
1 cup sugar
1/4 cup honey

Mix the ingredients, boil until it reaches 250 degrees F. or at softball stage (as in when making jelly or candy, it will be golden brown). Pour into a jar. Microwave it about 20-30 seconds to soften. Let cool so that it's just warm.

Dust area to be waxed with cornstarch so the NADS doesn't stick to your skin. Using a tongue depressor (or similar), apply where needed. Press on a strip of cotton from an old shirt or sheet. Rub the strip in the direction of hair growth, pull skin taut, and yank it in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Make sure your skin is clean, so the oils in your skin and hair don't keep the mixture from sticking.

Have a fun hairless summer :)

By velvet On 04/18/02  

owwwwwwwwwww sounds like it might hurt! but i'm a wuss anyway ;-)

By jayceek On 04/20/02  

i honestly think i have no nerves in my legs! it never hurt me. then again, i also love plucking my i the only one who finds it totally satisfying to bust those little hairs outta their sockets? :P

By sparklinstarz On 04/22/02  

me too it duznt hurt at all when i do that nads things, i call it sugarring, and im like an eyebrow plucking freak i have like five diff. pairs of tweezers lol.

By rsunshine On 04/24/02  

thank you thank you for that recipe for nads - i saw it on TV and just sortof forgot about it - when i read your post i remembered and thought, hey i have sugar, i have honey and lemons, what the hell? WELL, i am almost done with my legs, (i need the husband to help in a couple places:) and i have never ever been so smooth....i am a hairy person by nature, and i have to shave EVERY day in the summer - YOU SAVED ME!!
thanks so much!

(P.S. yeah, it DID hurt, guys!)

By katbot On 04/23/02  


thanks so much for the natural hair gel recipe!
i have some questions though...
how do you store it?
how long does it keep for?
what kind of hold would you say it has?

By amberleigh On 04/23/02  


any air-tight container will do for the storage. as far as i know it'll keep for quite a while. the finished product should give about 40 applications and it holds just as well as any store bought. i suppose hair type would also play into the hold factor. let me know how it works out for you!

be blessed,

By ruthstar On 04/18/02  

Aspirin Mask
(from Diane H. of a few years back)

Stripped down instructions:
Take 6 cheapo uncoated aspirin tablets, put on a plate, add a drop of water onto each tablet, wait a minute for them to start dissolving, mush with your finger, add a little more water to make a runny paste, and then apply to a clean face. Leave on until it dries, then rinse off.

How I do it specifically:
I use 7 tablets, grind them with a mortar and pestle (because sometimes some generic brands are grainier than others), add a teeny bit of water to make a runny paste, apply onto face (scoop it up with a finger and kind of mush it onto my face), let dry, and when I go to rinse it off, I scrub it off (in the same way you'd massage in a grainy scrub).

What it does:
Cleans out your pores and makes your skin super smooth. Aspirin is a chemical cousin of salicylic acid. In fact, aspirin works because it metabolizes to salicylic acid (a BHA). So, it would be no worse than a salicylic acid mask. The concentration in aspirin is just greater than in those store bought masks (like Neutrogena's for example).

Where to find:
Wal-Mart seems to have the best deal. They have the 100 count micro-coated (sometimes they do have the completely uncoated in stock) generic aspirin for about $3. Don't bother with getting a name brand since it's all the same stuff as far as aspirin goes, you just get charged more for the coating and the brand name. Since it's just going on your face though and not in your stomach, then it doesn't matter.

The original post link: (sorry for the wrap)>*&hl=en&

By Tamka On 04/18/02  

Excellent way to get all the "product buildup" off your scalp: go to the beach and get some sand.
(Not tons, maybe a palmful, depending on how thick your hair is.) Rub it into your scalp (dry hair)for a few minutes, then rinse really well. Shampoo as usual.


By smachel On 04/18/02  

DIY satin hands:

1. rub vaseline into your hands.
2. apply salt/sugar scrub (if you don't know how to make, do a search and you'll find instructions)
3. rinse
4. lotion up!

By pattijo47 On 04/18/02  

yaay girls! i knew we could come up with amazing stuff, im shy on the nads stuff, but i suppose its worth a try, youch! keep em coming!!!

By forestflower On 04/18/02  

i am a poor college student, so i basically steal my beauty products from the dining hall. i usually start by scrubbing my face *gently* with "sugar in the raw" (unrefined sugar), and then make a nice mask with one mashed banana and a packet of honey.

By Milke On 04/20/02  

Cream of coconut (comes in block form) mixed with sugar (standard white stuff is fine), and with a bit of water added when ready to use makes a good body scrub.

Putting oatmeal through a blender is cheaper than Aveeno and works as well.

Melting vegetable shortening, and adding oils of camomile, lavender, tea tree, and vitamin E makes a good antiseptic/healing salve.

Camomile tea clears up infection.

More health than beauty, but still useful.

By loudxmouse On 04/20/02  

You can't forget Brown Sugar scrub.

there are varying recipies. mine is:

2 T brown sugar
2 T raw honey
1 t olive oil
1 T salt

Mix together and buff up you bod! weee! i love the stuff

By goddess On 04/22/02  

there's a great book out there called:

natural beauty at home, by janice cox ($14 on

last night i did the sugar scrub on my face:

lather face with cleanser & water
add sugar and scrub
rinse face with juice from 1/2 a lemon and equal parts water.
rinse with just water until product is fully removed.

my face was so soft!!

i also like her recipe for an apricot face mask. i forget all the ratios, but the ingredients are dried apricots, powdered milk, honey, and a bit of water all mixed in blender and applied to face for 10-15 minutes.

this is a great book. i highly recommend it. it has recipes for EVERYTHING. enjoy!

By wonderlandgrrrl On 04/22/02  

i love that book! she wrote another great book too, but i forget what its called

By wonderlandgrrrl On 04/22/02  

i love that book! she wrote another great book too, but i forget what its called

By loudxmouse On 04/22/02  

it's like beauty during the different seasons.

good books

By sarahliz On 04/23/02  

Hey. Careful with that asprin mask, everyone. It might work for some folks but six or seven asprin tablets is a LOT of salycilic acid and could be too burney ouchey yucky skin for more delicately skinned people. I work in a salon and professional homemade "disincrustation lotion" is one asprin tablet dissolved in eight ounces of water with a smidgen of salt. And that does the trick mighty well.

For the compulsive pimple poppers out there I have a little trick: Take one of the jelly vitamin e-capsules. prick it open and smear the goo anywhere you've got cloggage in your pores. Take a shower or, if you've got the time to spare, steam your face over some boiled water (add some sprigs of rosemary and a lemon if you really want a treat.) then squeeze and pick away. Shit will just jump out of your pores and you'll do far less damage. Not that I as a professional would ever advocate popping your own pimples. But you know. We all do it.

By Funki_Munki On 04/23/02  

ok these ideas are gr8 but you can't really store any of them for prezzies only the hair gel... can u give me some long lasting 'present' recipes?

By smachel On 04/24/02  

weezer_chic's sugar scrub you can store.

re: books
i have a book that's a wonder with recipies and such: secrets of the spas. and i just went to barnes and noble and it's on sale (i payed full price) bah.

By kazoogrrl On 04/24/02  

The ever popular salt scrub:

-Mix equal parts coarse kosher salt and epsom salts
- Add enough oil to make it damp but not goopy (i use grapeseed or sweet almond, but even good quality olive oil will do)
-Scent with a little essential oil or herbs (I ground some lavender and sage VERY FINE and mixed it in - enough to scent but not clog the drain).
-Package in a plasic container with a twist lid so it won't break if dropped, or drip. Or I get a box of oven bags (the kind you put a roast in), fill as much as I want, twist, tie off, add a bow or something. Add a little tag.

By Prairie Dawn On 04/24/02  

sarahliz - does that work on blackheads too?

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