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By weezerite On 04/14/02  

i was at the craft store and i saw they had these cheap belts that are just thick webbed fabric and a silver belt buckle, a bit like a seatbelt. they're supposed to be bought so you can cover the buckle in a rhinestone design, but i dont like that idea. i was wondering if anyone had some sort of idea on how to decorate the buckle?

By SpanishFly On 04/14/02  

hmmm... how about:

- covering it in fake fur
- use a sharpie to draw something on it
- hot-glueing dollar store items to it
- decoupaging it with some funky little picture
- hot-glueing a fake flower to it
- decorating it with puffy paint (sounds cheesy, but it could be cute)

good luck!


By 2starbaby3 On 04/14/02  

you could somehow cover it with clear plastic or vinyl, and then slide pics underneath, so you could change them whenever you thinking of the style of the skater and boarder belts of a few years ago...


By loudxmouse On 04/14/02  

I have some of those belt buckles. with no belt. though i'm on my way to get some webbing. i was thing about m,aking a resin oval (in a soap mold) and embedding something in it and E6000-ing it on one of the buckles. my friend has a seatbelt belt. i love it so....


By linfin On 04/17/02  

you could glue a pic from a comic book on it, I saw something like that on girlshop a while back.

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