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By kazoogrrl On 04/11/02  

Could anyone give me advice on where printers who will actually copy color copies to transfer paper? Staple, et. al. seem to carry the paper when they won't actually do the copies. (WTF?)

I have transfer medium at my house, but it says it's only for black adn white copies. Is there color medium, or can this be used for both?

Any help/advice would be great. Thanks!

By XoeCraft On 04/11/02  

I think Kinkos does the copies. But they're so damned expensive.

Don't know if the transfer medium will work on color. Maybe someone else will.

The more tedious option is to look in the phone book and call your local copy shops.

By stinkerbell On 04/11/02  

ah! a fellow baltimorean! (though i am currently in nyc)

i recently did some phototransfers:
took some pictures to the local copy place (not staples, kinkos or other nonsense) and had them print on the canon laser to regular paper. got some matte medium for acrylics from the art store (generic brand). went home, and used these directions (2nd paragraph):

i transferred an image onto a stretched canvas. turned out pretty good.

good luck!

By bazookablue On 04/12/02  

would the image be washable using this process?

By kazoogrrl On 04/12/02  

Ah, if you're from Baltimore you'll never really *leave*! Actually, I'll be in NYC late next week to visit a friend. I get to navigate the city alone, and after tiny little B-more, I'm a bit freaked.

Thanks for the instructions - funny, I have cheapo acrylic matte medium at home. Guess what I'll be doing this weekend!

I'm going to take over a friends color printer to make some transfers for shirts, but if this works out, forget buying that paper again.

Thanks again!

By stinkerbell On 04/12/02  

actually, i'll probably be moving back this summer. i miss it too much

btw, i also tried this with a color laser and it also worked, but not as well. have fun.

By kazoogrrl On 04/23/02  

Thanks again! Just got back from NYC - nice place, don't really want to live there.

If you move back to B-more, drop me a line. There's a tiny group of us from Glitter (ok, mainly Lynda and I) but we're always looking for recruits.

By stinkerbell On 04/23/02  

ok. in what part of baltimore do you live? i used to live in mt vernon, and not sure where i'll be looking to move. someplace where i can have a yard. even if it's small.

By kazoogrrl On 04/24/02  

I'm in Hampden. My roomie and I pay $850 for a three bedroom with a basement and a not so small yard (it's a lower rent than the norm. Great landlord). Love it there. Mt. Vernon has the cooler interiors (how I dream of hardwood floors, high ceilings and old fireplaces). I think a lot depends on what you want to pay.

Ah, made my first transfer last night. I'm surprised it worked, as I usually screw such things up horribly. I'm thinking of adhering it to a piece of gessoed fabric as part of a collage. We'll see...

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