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By ThirstBuster33 On 04/01/02  

Does anyone know the difference between the high temp and low temp? Which is best? I'm working with wood.

Any help would be appreciated!

By RetroDame On 04/01/02  

High temp holds much better than low.

Low does have its uses, tho. I used to work for a craft place that made all kinds of tacky stuff. One of our items was plastic flip flops with plastic flowers on the straps (Bloomingdale's and Macy's would buy these awful things, for insane amounts of money... but I digress). If we used high temp glue, the plastic would melt, so this is one instance where low temp is more desirable.

One more thing about high temp, that's prolly obvious, but just in case... that stuff is HOT! Keep a small bowl of cold water nearby for if/when you burn your fingers. If you're not careful, it burns enough to blister.


By butterflytwish On 04/02/02  

i'd recommend the high temp for wood, myself, simply b/c i was working on a school project made of wood last semester, and i had a low temp gun, and it just wouldn't hold worth a crap. i went out and got myself a high temp gun, and it worked a lot better.


By Halcion On 04/02/02  

High temp is probably best with wood. Low temp is great for things that are lightweight, or tend to melt. Wood can handle the heat.

By jo On 04/02/02  

Hey Retro Dame, perhaps you can help me with a crafty problem. I tried to make a pair of thongs like that, with a plastic flower on the strap (in the centre) I used a low temp gun. The darn thing wouldn't stay on once the glue had dried, it would just pull off real easily. It's like the glue would not adhere to the plastic thong strap.
Any ideas? Are you supposed to prime the rubber in some way?

By RetroDame On 04/02/02  

We didn't prime the rubber in any way. I'm not sure if the flowers held or not, as they were shipped within a day or two of being made. (Can you tell I was not impressed with this company?)

Alternately, you may want to try sewing the flowers on, or using high temp & letting it cool a bit before attaching.


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