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By overcoat On 04/01/02  

ok I'm currently in the middle of helping raise money for the Relay for Life (cancer society). So we've done a car wash, a yard sale, soon another car wash and various little projects.

But I was wondering if any of you had any ideas for items I could make and sell to do with cancer society type symbols or anything you think would be a good thing someone would buy.

I was thinking of doing some type of embroidery with the Relay for Life symbol but I don't know what it would be put on.

So what would you think would be a neat thing? Or something you would buy. (all money is going to Relay for Life so please nothing that is going to cost me a zillion dollars) :] Thank you!

By fuzzymelimonkey On 04/01/02  

this is a little weird, but maybe you could do glycerine M&p soaps with the symbol inside, laminated? That wouldn't cost much and everyone uses soap. Seems a little funny but I think i'd buy one for a good cause. Of course you could always do the soap without the symbol and just put a label on it, might be easier and cheaper. Good luck, I'll try to think of other things.

By libby On 04/01/02  

With all the breast cancer that hit my family in 1998 and my mom volunteering at the local breast cancer resource center, we prob lean more to the pink stuff than you may want but here goes.

A cheap, easy/fun to make fundraiser could be those rose buds you make from Hershey kisses. You need:

--chocolate kisses
--plastic wrap in colors like pink and purple
--green firm floral wire
--green floral tape
--loose green fake/silk leaves (sometimes the stores will give you what has fallen off the silk flowers/arrangments if you explain it's for a good cause)

Put two kisses together (flat side to flat side). Wrap them with some colored plastic wrap (wrap them fairly snug) and use a little of the end bitsof the wrap to wrap around an end of floral wire. Holding that in place, start wrapping some floral tape around the bottom of your kiss "rose bud" and continue onto the floral wire - stretch the tape a bit as you go since it seems to stick better that way. Tuck in a leaf or two as you wrap. The first one or two might look a little clumsy, but you really will get the hang of it and they come out looking pretty snazzy. This is a good group project or something you can do while talking on the phone or watching tv. They look nice, don't cost a lot to make, and are easy to get donations for since you don't need to ask a fortune (a buck a rose would be fine). People like to receive them or give them.

OK - I'll stop rambling now (toooo much caffeine today............). ;^ )

By overcoat On 04/01/02  

eek those both sound like really great ideas. I'll have to ask the head women about the soap (so she can forward a little bit of money just to get started) and the flower candies sound like a really cute & great idea to go along with the car wash. For some reason people are so hungrey when they get their car washed, weird.

Thank you both & I'm sorry about the bouts of cancer in your family I hope everything is good for you now and in the future.

Keep the ideas coming girls!

By sharem On 05/13/02  

if ppl crochet, why not crochet pink ribbons to make as pins. :)

By sharem On 05/13/02  

while i was answering and reading other diy projects. what about sculpey earrings too :)

By weezerite On 05/14/02  

take a strong, oversized pink ribbon and sew on lots of different pink buttons all over. these always come out great looking as long as the ribbon is strong looking, and an instantly recognizable cause.

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