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By bettina On 03/23/02  

I have these cute apple hairclips, with the apples made out of pink rhinestones. Unfortunately, with only a few wearings, two rhinestones have fallen off!

How can I replace them and how do I make sure the other ones stay on???

By overcoat On 03/23/02  

have you worn them in the rain? I know a lot of times when I wear hair clips in the rain (on accident of course) they almost always fall apart.

Other then that I can just think maybe the glue sucks or if it has prongs they are not tight enough.

By valagator On 03/23/02  

I had an Enid COllins box purse and a few Rhinestones came off, I used some epoxy/goop stuff and it worked well.

By bettina On 03/24/02  

But where does one find rhinestones?

These barrettes are strictly for dry days now...

By contessa On 03/25/02  

Most bead stores have loose rhinestones - just ask. As they get swiped they usually keep them behind the counter.

By jtsang On 03/25/02  

I got some at Pearl Art and Craft, they were 3.19 for 200 tiny ones in assorted colors. Also they sell jewel glue for 1.99 which works on fabric and doesn't make the stones cloudy. Funny that you asked a rhinestone question b/c i've been working with them all weekend for the 1st time :)

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