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By tricoter On 03/19/02  

Everyone at work is having a baby and I have decided to make some little baby things. Does anyone know where I can find a nice basic pattern for sweaters or booties or something? All the baby pattern books I see strike me as really cheesy and icky and not at all something I would want to work with.

Also, can anyone recommend good yarns for babies (hey all you mommy persons out there)? In the Vogue Baby Blanket book they call for all these fancy hairy yarns (like alpaca) and that just doesn't strike me as appropriate.

Can anyone help?

By Knittinator On 03/19/02  

the kniting site on THey have everything you could ever want pattern wise, and what they dont have th other pages link to

By crankyisgood On 03/20/02  

I second I love knitting for babies, because it's fast. However, the patterns that worked best for me were either crocheted booties from or knit patterns from books--like bootie patterns from a book called "Socks, Socks, Socks," ( ) and an Elizabeth Zimmerman baby sweater from "Vogue Knitting: American Collection" ( ). I own the sock book and think it's generally a good book--the patterns are well-written and adaptable, although there are some I will never, ever make--but the Vogue book I just got from the library and, ahem, photocopied the pattern from it.

Regarding the booties: make sure you make nice tie-able booties so they'll stay on the baby's feet, but also make sure the strings (i-cord, crochet chain) are firmly attached to the booty to prevent strangulation and choking hazards.

(edited to clarify. basically, I find online crochet patterns easier to figure out than online knit patterns. or was it just luck in this case? probably a little of both, since the crochet patterns were more "crochet a rectangle then fold it and sew it" and the knit... well, more complex, for sure!)

By jaymelee On 03/20/02  

Here are some things I liked when I was searching for projects for my little one due in June:



Matching blanket, booties & bonnet for above sweater:

a whole slew of projects (scroll down to baby items and soft toys & balls):

So far, I've only made the hat/cap from the first link. It's easy and quick and turns out pretty cute. I used cotton tots yarn by Bernat (, it's nice and soft and it's machine washable.

By menga On 03/20/02  

I knit a lot, and I have two little ones, so I suppose I have some opinions on these issues. Blankets are great, and sweaters are sure to get huge sighs of praise and cuteness at any baby shower. I really like Debbie Bliss patterns--she's written several books of patterns, mainly for the under-4 set. Your friendly local yarn shop might have a basic baby cardigan pattern--they abound, and they're both practical as well as fairly easy. I was never a big bootie fan--they're adorable, but they fall off really easily (babies are masters at squirming out of their footware). Now, about yarn. I think you're right on the money about questioning fancy yarns for babies. The first priority is WASHABILITY. Softness is of course also important, but most washable yarns are also soft. Even though I'm not a big acrylic fan, it's probably the most practical. Don't despair, though: I made most of my baby stuff out of washable baby wool or cotton/acrylic blends. The wool was lovely, but I have to admit, it didn't always hold up as well to the multiple washings (lots of fuzziness and pilling). Finally, consider making something for an older than newborn size. It can be tough, because you might have to anticipate seasons (as in, if the baby is born in Spring, you would want something that would fit the baby between 6 adn 12 months), plus so many baby these days are just gigantic and wear larger sizes. Good luck! And really, people will completely freak out over handknit baby things... even if there are a few mistakes!

By lumo On 03/20/02  

oh yes-- i'm in the same boat. here are a few of my favorite links:

i hope some of those are helpful. i just made martha stewart's bunny slippers for babies in butter yellow angora, with aqua angora ears, tail and whiskers... email me if you want that pattern. it's from a magazine - not a link... so i'll have to email it. they were quite easy (i could do it..) and went rather quickly (a plus when you have several babies to make things for..)


By caroslime On 03/20/02  

Gosh, when I first read the title of this post, my first thought was "it might be kinda hard to teach them, their hands are so small..."

By bonnell99 On 03/21/02  

Elizabeth Zimmerman's Best Baby Sweater Ever in Knitter's Almanac, published by Dover Books (and thus, supa cheap)

Also, EZ's Baby Surprise Sweater, which is the sweater in the Vogue book, but is also in one of her other books for much cheaper. I can't remember if it's Knitting without Tears or Knitting Around. Actually, it may be in K. Almanac too. Damnit, I can't remember.

As for appropriate yarns, unless the recipient mom is aware of how to care for good wool withought screwing anything up, I'd go for an acrylic/wool blend like Wool-Ease, or a super-soft, high quality, non-sweaky acrylic.


**edited to add**
Also, has instructions for the 5 hour baby sweater.

By lumo On 03/21/02  

"As for appropriate yarns, unless the recipient mom is aware of how to care for good wool withought screwing anything up, I'd go for an acrylic/wool blend like Wool-Ease, or a super-soft, high quality, non-sweaky acrylic."

this is a good suggestion - i forgot to mention that with the angora bunny slippers (or any fancy yarn) that you should try to include the 'wrapper' from the yarn so they can care for it appropriately. :) i do this regardless, because after all the work you put into something it's better safe than sorry (as far as letting them know how to care for it.)

By ChinaDoll On 03/22/02

Not a knitting project, but sewing up some of these would be cute. I've been looking at them and can copy them...


By wendyland On 03/24/02  

Or what about varying some of those cheesy patterns. Maybe use some better colors, leave off goofy pom poms, etc. I have a two year old and I've never dressed her in fru fru clothes and sometimes its hard to find cool baby stuff.

By tricoter On 03/26/02  

Thanks for all the advice everyone. Especially about the yarn... I didn't want to use something that felt cheap or weird but everyone is telling me that a wool acrylic blend (or just something washable) is where it's at.

Now I just have to pick a color. I really want to use blue but unfortunately that's a "gendered" color and we don't know what sort of baby it will be. Yellow it is, then!


By lumo On 03/26/02  

you could do a purple something,
that's pretty gender neutral...
i did a purple blanket for a little
(what turned out to be) girl... :)

yellow is always good, though, because
of the sunshiney element. or green. :)

By menga On 03/27/02  

More on color: you might just go to the yarn store and see the wide array of colors and see that there are a lot of options. In addition to the aforementioned yellow and green, there's orange, one of my personal favs, as well as neutrals like cream, gray, tan, black (I only use a little bit of dark colors, because the spit-up shows up too much!). By all means, branch out. While you might not want to dress a boy in pink, there are still plenty of choices.

By btterflygrrl On 04/28/02  

I have a great pattern from Lion Brand for a hooded baby blanket (you can find it on the page) but I've made a few adjustments to the pattern to suit my tastes...

I'll type it up ASAP and post it when I can... it's adorable so far...

I'm making one with white and green Bernat Softee baby yarn and one with Baby Clouds (I think that's a Red Heart yarn) both are machine washable and dryable (a MUST for most moms) and are easy to find at Walmart and the like...


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