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By EKS On 01/03/01  


I got 3 really great vases for xmas. They are glass and square and kinda look like blocked glass windows. Anyway, instead of flowers/plants, I was thinking about putting like rocks or little lights or bead or marbels in them. Can anyone think of other cool things?


By Beth On 01/03/01  

If you can actually see detail in them, try little toys like the McD's or Burger King kind, or the ones that come in those German egg shaped chocolates called Kinder (I think...) Little army men, my little pony, stuff like that, colorful and keeps them out of the way.

Shells, buttons, junk jewelry that you don't wear, silk flower heads, game pieces like chessmen and dice and backgammon pieces, monopoly money.

If you have enough of any one kind to sorta fill a vase, that's cool, but you can also mix the stuff up. And when you get bored with it, stir it around with a letter opener or chopstick

Oh, yeah, I keep chopsticks in a vase, too.

By katey On 01/03/01  

I have a bunch of glass bottles on my dresser, and some are filled with pennys, some are filled with paint brushes, and some are filled with abandoned jewlery parts (singular earrings, tangled chains, junk jewlery from middle school)...

Those glass aquarium/flower arranging stones are awesome...

Also, I have a coffee mug and a coca cola glass on my windowsill, both filled with just the heads of fake flowers.

Pond stones would be nice... so would beach glass. Too bad it isn't the season to wander around outside!

By Bizwitch On 01/03/01  

i have a square vase that i filled with rounded stones i found at the beach a few years ago with a couple of dried roses tucked into a corner. very pretty. christmas lights can look pretty too, and they're cheap right now.

By MochiSaru On 01/03/01  

you know those wire picture frames that consist of like 6 pieces or wire and each wire is curled on one end to put the picture on and the other is secured to some kind of base? you could do something like that in a vase and secure the bottom with marbles or something.

By Shwazzoo On 01/03/01  

that would be so cute! you could glue little pics to dowels or something....or some sort of family tree if you used a tree branch with pics of your family somehow attached to the branch...

By cole On 01/04/01  

there was a magazine article in madamoiselle last month (i think) about improving your digs. in it, they had the kind of vases you described, but instead of flowers, they put a small string of x-mas lights inside. it is soooo cute. i tried it with one of my vases and a string of white lights.

By amaryllis On 01/04/01  

what about a FISH???/

By Amara On 01/04/01  

You could put some of those flat bottomed stones that look sorta like flattened marbles, you could use them to fill up the vase to like the top then put some fake or real flowers in, thatd look cool. Thats what we have in my house, except we dont have any flowers in the vase

By EKS On 01/04/01  

These are all really great ideas everyone!!! Thanks for the input :)

By eschy On 01/04/01  

You could put different kinds of soap(especially different colored soap)in them and put them in your kitchen: dishwasher soap, regular dish soap, hand soap, or some kind of liquid cleanser. Then put corks in the top with those liquor bottle pour tops. I guess it would be a good idea to label them too.

By mesje On 01/04/01  

since you have a few vases, and they sound like they're all similar, you could just fill them with coloured water. add a few drops of food colouring and then line them up on a window sill. you can change the colours every so often or have three different colours... just be careful not to spill them on the carpet... i also saw that a few drops of glycerine will save the water from getting cloudy.

oooh. this is a bit wierd, but i just thought of this! i'm thinking of adding toys to the bottom... set it up like an aquarium, without the fish. people will wonder. that would be so funny. or put aquarium plants and the scuba guy or sunken treasure in the two vases on the outside, and put the fish in the middle with nothing but water. that would also make them wonder. but that's just something i would do...

By KingShit On 01/04/01  

i have a glass apothecary jar filled with colorful little cowboys and indians in one room and in another i have one filled with plain green army men....they are cheap(dollar stores tend to carry them) and look really quite interesting sitting around...i was thinking about maybe somehow making the little mes they could sit in the jar and act as a sort of colorful potpourri...any suggestions?

By xxSugarStarxx On 01/05/01  

i don't know if this would work, but maybe you could put some scented oil in the bottom of the jar. you might be able to see it though, so maybe put something in the bottom to absorb it.

By gwendolyn On 01/05/01  

how about paper lillies? or any kind of bulb that grows above rocks. just fill the bottom with rocks + put in a bulb with some rocks up around it a little. the roots should grow down into them.
i also did these with a baby from my spider plan.
i really dig the xmas light idea.

By Lacey On 01/05/01  

As far as plants are concerned, if you like to see the roots you can use peices of bamboo.
Little cut peices will spawn new plants. And the best part is that they don't need much sunlight at all!
Which is greta because my kitchen has no windows in my apartment and i like having plant on the shelves.

By Katrose On 01/06/01  

YOu could try filling them with fruit, like oranges or limes. You could add in other objects that match the colors or clash-whichever.

Also, what about layering dried herbs, or different colored sand- you know like a parfait w/ different levels.

My parents love to drink wine at night, and I've begun to save all the diffent corks after the bottle is done. I'v started storing them in a vase and it looks really neat.

One more idea, I went to Mardi Gras last year and I put a bunch of the beads I brought back into glass jars and vases- it was really festive and it reminded me of all the fun I had!

By missjess On 01/07/01  

knitting needles actually look really cool, especally if yu can find vintage ones. my sister did this and it looked really neat, albeit slightly sinister.

By Coleenie On 01/07/01  

I have little jars filled with ocean washed rocks and glass. you can also try making wire art .. like wire flowers and have beads on it for petals or what not. or really pretty sticks. you could paint the sticks. ohh pretty. or chopsticks! Lots of different chopsticks.. besides filling the bottom I would also think of putting something vertical in it... that way people will notice its vases with out flowers.

I feel I'm not making sence. *L*


By katey On 01/08/01  

Has anyone mentioned christmas lights yet?

Or marbles, buttons, beads?

I like the citrus fruit idea... they last a long time, too, especially if they're in a cool place. I think I'll grab some limes to fill some of my vintage bowls with and put them in my kitchen at school...

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