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Topic Poster Posts
Cross promotion bag. Suri01 1
Quick! Packaging ideas! KittenCndy 8
Promotion in a crafty site xime 6
Exporting to the U.S. RedLotus 4
getting t-shirts printed. Shopafrolic 4
grandma craft shows misshawklet 8
Marketing Swap update birdandblue 24
How to find craft shows? VoodooToaster 10
Teamac raspsgirl 2
slow month? madgeylou 11
Paypal Fraud (email) jennymeg 5
SF Bay Area Craft Fair annjuhlee 1
Trouble with flaky shoppers? trashymagazine 9
site builders SarahBellum 5
Selling a business SublimeStitcher 4
Yah Its finally Here! KittenCndy 15
New accessory business - how to price?? J Fly 6
jewelry business discussion/brainstorm populuxa 2 palestar 4
craft vendor questions sierralush 3
Coming up with a name for your biz SeraAngel 22
shopping carts? tribal_night 23
Miss Business Manners Etiquette SublimeStitcher 25
Taking orders? VoodooToaster 5
DIY Business Geek annjuhlee 10
Trading goods & swapping closets! trashymagazine 6
Advice? defchick 14
Do "Sales" and promotions work for you? jennymeg 6
my computer died toomuchglue 3
First Steps to Starting Your Own Busines Snufkin 10
Soap Shops CawfeeHowse 2
Credit Card Company Phone Numbers KittenCndy 3
Kiosk CawfeeHowse 6
craft fairs and other markets misshawklet 4
Effective advertising sporadicity 1
Promotion lilyblue 9
merchant account palestar 3
ATTN: LA-based, punk rock crafters! GlueGirl 6
PayPal Mona Mew 3
Crafty Wholesalers KittenCndy 1
online forms? birdandblue 4
tracking website traffic? susan*s 9
Our Band Could Be Your Life jane_bond 5
Anyone doing NaNoWriMo? mystril 20
You Shall Know Our Velocity/Dave Eggers sassie 20
Childhood Faves that Don't Hold Up RetroDame 6
READ IT! NOW! joyfulgirl 2
Auntie Mame Meegie 6
new sandra cisneros book! lottie 14
hideous kinky moonlady 3
the giving tree mamalove 13
Any one a romance novel fan sofagirl 9
biographies or autobiographies lozenge 2
Stephen King faves pinkthing 19
i hate sct-fi but........ gi-gi 18
Books you don't get. divia 47
What books have you HATED? mystril 118
Guilty Pleasures? YA/Kids Books robs 6
sarah vowell Peachy 4
does anyone know what this book is?!?? imonlysleeping 8
SARK Elf_Chick 5
the autograph man by zadie smith lottie 2
wish lists! Orange-peel 12
book club southside_sally 2
New Donna Tartt book TOMORROW!!! Elf_Chick 10
Favorite Main Character? rmeb 25
Richard III got me down Lydia 1
A Clockwork Orange. What Language again? Meowsa 17
EGGERS! pinkO 2
Nora Roberts!!! susan*s 2
Wrinkle in Time movie starfish 8
M.F.K. Fisher frigginpeaches 2
Billy Collins ladyjane 2
Used Book Stores in Toronto Stephanie 1
"Fall on your knees" keylime 3
lost souls companion xJudy 5
thisbe nissen quietriot 5
Coldheart Canyon divia 1
Cold Mountain Meowsa 12
Jeffrey Eugenides. keylime 16
The Dive from Clausen's Pier sassie 3
Pink Think? Elf_Chick 6
Darcey Steinke suchaclassicgir 1
Good crafty mags? UnsafeBuilding 15
Good in Bed shrinkingviolet 5
Cool Class: Poetry and Knitting! Chicago ladyjane 3
Harry Potter! millymolly 12
Literary Lists starfish 7
I usually don't like politics. Really. sarahliz 1
The Count of Monte Cristo Stinky 7
great expectations vintagehybrid 7
What are you reading? Planning to read? mystril 76
conversations with god disecting pinko 3
Women Writer's Conference -- Chicago ladyjane 1
Favorite Movie out of Book? brdgt 41
Favorite mystery books. Meowsa 17
Gabriel Garcia Marquez squabbit 7
discussion in nyc xokimberly 1
calling for creativity bluejay 6
I need a new book RetroDame 15

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