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help! college degree question!!! rahrahreeh 7
Selling Handmade Goods on eBay bloominglotus 9
updated site! & a question about paypal noodletherapy 11
Trade your shop link w/me Suri01 62
does graphic design fall into "crafts"?? GraphxGirl 7
I'm not sure if I belong here.... Hemp 10
dog products raspsgirl 2
trading links, promo swap, get business kilometergirl 9
Ripped Off jennymeg 7
Singapur order, any problems? SewPrettyChick 17
let's get this legal/tech stuff straight knittinkitty 3
Newsletter Swap KittenCndy 3
paying sales tax isarabunny 14
Catalog? oldskoolgeek 2
Promotional items (buttons, stickers) ariella4ever 12
vendors license? whats the deal? libe 1
up and running! kilometergirl 4
Glitter Biz, TALK SHOPS! SublimeStitcher 27
Help! copyirght? need to know about ceas birdandblue 14
startup money - how much? meandbdesign 7
Using agents? ad_ho 7
v-day hiatus 1
paying help raspsgirl 1
want to publicize your business? grayseed 5
Still looking for boutique items... jessicascloset 12
Virus update - MyDoom - just a heads up jennymeg 13
Get Felt Up! (Plug-a-lug) SublimeStitcher 2
HELP! Website troubles! InHarmsWay 10
Canadian small biz owners unite! myrrh 3
Urban Design Girls rita0373 2
FDA license? jasmineT 4
Catalogs KittenCndy 23
giving sewing lessons - what to charge? robotmonster 5
Hang tags....any great ideas??? hetleigh76 8
Hired help? ksue 9
what sign are you? sophiapagodatoo 29
Money for small business startups mishymisu 3
My first "Event" -ahh! help! pixelpusher 4
Anyone doing the Fashion Co-Op in S.F? NeesyPea 23
10x10 area -nothing in it! Ideas? Twinkle Twinkle 6
Forming a LLC mishymisu 3
free-ish business cards goodluckjen 1
Site revamped, looking for opinions... SewPrettyChick 7
maintaining your enthusiasm amphoteric 13
Fashion Schools in Los Angeles celise 3
Help with how people view your site birdandblue 13
business dumb ass in search of help! spinnin_wheel 5
my mom's new antique biz! tribal_night 8
direct link? koolkitty 2
printed silk? kilometergirl 3
wanna see! fairyglitterbug 1
embroidery kits - materials to make them idared 5
Please take a look at my site... HELP! funkyutopia 1
nameATyourdomainDOTcom hiatus 11
Renegade Festival misshawklet 11
web payment..I have searched-I promise!! scandibird 5
tax id/ business licence? ariella4ever 3
verifying wholesale ID info? Gnome G 3
free website hit counters? peachass 5
another crafty site to look at dyejunkee 28
making your own tags? paper_ribbon 7
2 questions for consignment owners none 7
How do you get something copyrighted? zts2000 3
quick hi and a question about business kilometergirl 8
tax write offs misshawklet 2
Consignment and shipping items sporadicity 7
Pricing for Silver Jewellery vratch 12
free usps pick-ups! copacetic 5
assumed names.... oh susannah 3
Not sure how to price a scarf... craftykatie 7
graphic design q's lexs_creations 12
Getting technical with the website... crumpet 10
The Rebirth Festival CraftyChicaAZ 6
Graphic Designer Needed KittenCndy 2 startle 7
WWYD pricing Q fairyglitterbug 1
Numbers for wholesale... jesskbg 4
Websites - how successful are they? adlib 8
banner ad question. . . PLEASE HELP! jennymeg 11
Where to draw the line w/ questions? pixelpusher 7
Excellent PayPal news for online stores 7
other craft communities? ariella4ever 2
All About Crafty Business Websites crafty_manca 6
is it legal? thuperthisters 3
Handmade Lampwork Glass Pendants.. CHEAP Mysticalself 9
What's your new year's biz resolutions? palestar 13
It's updated! lilyblue 10
Advertising jesskbg 8
specialize or multi-task? jhenscott 4
question about listings lilyblue 8
Need a few more vendors for Baltimore MD birdandblue 1
Hello everybody! Shade 5
Packaging jewelry megf5 5
my new crafty business shelovesstars 15
Take My Survey...please? SublimeStitcher 5
Need feedback on pricing adlib 4
shows: broken merch yoniyum 9
So how do I explain.... SublimeStitcher 21

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