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contest contest 1
PayPal being investigated / credit cards 13
Great Exposure - Appear on HGTV! craftman 4
Self Employment Taxes - WAAHHH!! SublimeStitcher 2
HGTV crafting show: help! smallthing 30
online craft mall - help brainstorming idared 14
cool Dreamhost hosting offer for glitter idared 1
taking my jewelry to market (advice?) Hemp 8
success stories? need to be inspired. wrongfrench 10
working with contract sewers raspsgirl 2
Business Website MoBo 3
Small Time Operator-Book recommendation cinnachick 3
Crafteria: Shameless Self Promotion ndaye 1
Online consignment sites none 12
medical insurance for small biz owners lilyblue 6
new site-confirmation about advertising sarah_1980 7
Wire Jewelry jesskbg 7
FINALLY! Ordering is up on my site! ksue 15
Do I charge too much? gloriana 9
Finding/Using an Accountant naturallysteph 7
employees vs. contract labor? smallthing 6
Direct Mail KittenCndy 3
Speaking o' PayPal - dumb move o the day ksue 4
manufacturing advice needed artzyfartzy 5
Starting up - Legal questions & worries sew sudchic 4
NY TImes: marble magnets peanut 15
Tax Deductable Expenses Snufkin 10
My website is finally finished! crumpet 4
Crazy promo idea: Live365 internet radio 12
Truly Bad Form SublimeStitcher 15
PayPal shopping cart question researchasaurus 4
Shipping complaints from customers? jennymeg 7
using a freeware dingbat commercially cubby 3
Anyone go to Feria Urbana yesterday? Imabarbedoll 2
Calculating Salary Help kazoogrrl 10
Homebased Biz-how to stay motivated? miscreation 20
Feedback...New Site Design KittenCndy 8
Book recommendations? Chele75 8
selling to the about to get hitched misshawklet 3
International orders - alternatives? funkyutopia 12
Google Ad Words paperdreams 4
Hi, Posted Pictures pearlgurl2 9
Pencils! biggerkrissy 4
Database Software KittenCndy 4
Use Tax cinnachick 2
hey all yous with websites!! ms. victory 8
To consign or not to consign? paperdreams 6
Multiple Businesses - biz card help myrrh 3
Strating consignement and legal stuff lililamalice 4
Thoughts on raising prices. . . jennymeg 9
DIY at the mall??? smallthing 10
merchant account? web design? HELP PROS! loveplusone 8
Mac Users - Parsing Info..bleh... SublimeStitcher 3
If i had $1000...... miscreation 4
craft fairs frenchkitty 4
New here...have questions! jessicascloset 15
Press Release Resource toomuchglue 4
press kits? birdandblue 15
Looking For Feedback paperdreams 12
itty bitty stickers ndaye 5
Creative Display Ideas for Pocketbooks? thatgirlheather 2
Mals vs Bizhost- shopping cart compariso Imabarbedoll 2
I have PayPal option - Now what? SublimeStitcher 34
Promo Swap Part two birdandblue 23
What dumb little things make you cranky? SublimeStitcher 23
ladyfesteast needs fashion designers! ladymisskayte 1
attn jewelers: tiny metal hang tags? ksue 14
Craft/Art Show Pricing and Inventory knittinkitty 11
books: legal/accounting yoniyum 6
good source for jewelry boxes? ferociousdinosr 4
collecting sales tax meandbdesign 1
permanent ink for stamp pads? kilometergirl 5
Interfacing for bags to sell? pixelpusher 13
Early Call for crafters/artists trustallstars 5
UGH! rant - disgusted by comment .... noodletherapy 23
Legal Advice needed... SublimeStitcher 2
When you first set up your website? birdandblue 17
Easy Clothing/Display Rack NeesyPea 4
Renting an Office? plainmabel 3
Want to start a web shop? Need testers! sporadicity 6
Designs sold under another brand J Fly 7
Vintage Fabrics and Papers paperdreams 1
Gloriana Designs gloriana 4
1st time craft show- birdy 4
shop-n-mosh, baltimore, sunday 2-8 shine 6
Violet Designs divasteph 10
taking it to the streets! copacetic 12
website listings Toast. 3
Getting Press paperdreams 9
Help! Im starting a label!!! contrelesexisme 5
NY businesses, cert. of authority ??? peachass 1
Ladyfest in need of crafty ladies!!! leslierama 6
$1/$2 craft ideas kpitts79 1
New paperdreams 4
This place has great info! Thanks! Hemp 1
website traffic? craft fairs? wholesale? girllogic 4
Muse Classes in SF murry 1
Ladyfest in need of crafty ladies!!! leslierama 1
selling to companies raspsgirl 5
Make my tiara? BethG2 8

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