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LA-How do I find u? Diny 3
Chicago - antique/junk stores? evilducky 4
sewing lessons ny sushi 3
RENTAL DARKROOMS in nyc? est 5
nyc, saturday night Luxx lorelei 4
New to the board- Portland/Vancouver kamailekini 3
tailor in la? januarygrl 2
Seattle Girls - Halloween Plans? kungfugirl 16
NYC-Halloween Happenings? tboots 6
ATLanta girLie here... janackeh 2
Glitter Guide: gifts for dads teagrrl 4
NYC-CMJ fest. you going? blueduvet 3
Glitter Guide: gifts for kids teagrrl 5
Pottery in Gwinnett (GA...) this SAT.!!! janackeh 1
Glitter Guide: gifts for moms teagrrl 2
jersey city apt available amyspart 6
Glitterati Birthdays! Bizwitch 109
Glitter Guide: generic gifts teagrrl 1
Glitter Guide: gifts for bf/gf teagrrl 1
Glitter Guide: gifts for guys teagrrl 1
Roller Skating at the Roxy (NYC) kittinish 4
Weekend Whereabouts (NYC) 10/25-10/29 kittinish 10
ny estate sales sushi 4
SEATTLE: Halloween at BAM! robotgirl 5
HOW on earth does one live in NYC??? imonlysleeping 22
Sacramento/Davis Punk Crafting! guphy 6
ny glitterati!: nyc visit- oct. 20-24. quixotic. 46
NYC heads-up: my bday party 10/26 cowgirly 20
NC roommates? tricoter 2
Free LA show-House of Blues!!! suchaclassicgir 3
Gettin' Crafty in Paris! rapunzel 1
florida roll call butterflytwish 27
any of you live in the Miami, FL area?? imonlysleeping 1
Swing Dancing NYC karlak 2
recycled fashion show - SF - 10/27 missiongrrrl 2
Holiday Craft Shows in NYC Urban Cherubim 4
Boston glitterati: party invite startle 1
Ft. Collins-bound, seeking crafty advice starrynight 7
Another Brit Pop Night (Seattle) kungfugirl 3
know any good CRAFT SUPPLY shops in NYC? tapegirl 2
LA fabric stores suchaclassicgir 4
Seattle girls! susan*s 4
Mishymisu!!! kungfugirl 2
good price for sewing machine? newtosew 2
I need grommits! In NYC! kari-star 11
Anyone in Burbank, CA????? suchaclassicgir 8
nyc- where are the craft stores? LuluB 14
nyc salsa! noodletherapy 3
Any New Orleans Glitterati Out There? 007fairy 4
well mine is october 25th!!! stellarfluff 17
Weekend Whereabouts, 10/18-20 (NYC) kittinish 22
NC glitterati favorgrl 2
Mon Oct 21 Baltimore Craft On kazoogrrl 2
another NYC party (for halloween) kari-star 9
Sample Sales--one of the perks of NYC kittinish 18
places I can sell to in the LA area suzyhomemaker 1
Room for Rent in LA queenbee 3
Seattle goes Injun.. mishymisu 35
Iowa glitter???? Melynn 1
nyc taking over the board! mailing list? Kaystarr98 21
Is there a NYC Stitch'n'Bitch? kitkat flash 9
los angeles church of craft meeting10/20 collect 1
i just found heaven... on ditmars (NYC) lindastar 9
Glitter Guide: Moving Out lilyblue 32
Los Angeles Glitterati Seeks Roommate januarygrl 4
Awesome art show in Portland! susan*s 5
Charlotte Craft Session Brown Sugar 32
Chicago ladies M.I.A. littlefox 23
Halifax Crafy Girls? audra 1
NYC: Anyone going to see Sleater-Kinney? melly mel 8
A Great Museum in Chicago!! Wilddove 2
NYC'ers: On the Road... bird_in_hand 3
Toronto - crafty writer types? tina sparkle 3
SF FREE DIH Womens Beginning Carpentry guhrrrl 7
philly - sat. nite gw nite please come! greasywaitress 2
Halloween in DC nicegirl512 2
NYC Weekend Whereabouts kittinish 20
nyc/bklyn - know any avail apts? noodletherapy 9
pdx craft bazaar pinkO 2
another fun job for nyers noodletherapy 1
ny - crafty job posting noodletherapy 1
ny ladies please come support me thurs noodletherapy 24
DC Metro girls.. need a roomie? FeegaRo 1
Santa Cruz craft dana 1
Shoes in NYC lorelei 16
ATLANTA KNITTERS (who like kids=) Knittinator 6
fellow melbournians! yumeko 13
N.S.W glitterati????? Mopsiebelle 13
Tampa bay revisited britchic 1
nyc: women writers looking to volunteer? lottie 6
Breakin' on Thursday nights (NYC) kittinish 6
Brooklyn Underground Film Festival! melly mel 2
Gowanus Artists Tour 10/26-27 ursonate 2
peaches/chicks on speed-oct 11th brookly ladymisskayte 18
No health insurance? READ THIS! bird_in_hand 4
Next NYC Crafty Night-- Oct. 7th? lindastar 87
SF-"sic transit gloria" rushmore weekend blueduvet 1
Hi to all--Soon to be new in SF Spicy Soup 4

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