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Philadelphia - Vespa rally?! Britpop? caseywyn 3
Reminder NYC Mermaid Parade Lacey 1
Getcrafty Dinner in NYC-RSVP!!!! getcrafty 35
NYC Fabric Stores brilliantine 1
a sparkly new Toronto thread catty2 28
Rasputina in SF- 6/28 Punky Brewster 1
Atlanta girls: booth at art festival? Knittinator 2
anyone in sf wanna get together this wk? noodletherapy 30
New York in August (What to do) Natalie 4
Who wants to live with me in NYC? kari-star 6
Hamilton S&B Postponed till July 3 leanne-at-home 2
next SF SnB - wed, june 19th cleanout 2
Western Massachusetts summer sublet Rae 4
Hamilton S&B - June 19 jane_bond 3
portland potluck anyone? noodletherapy 3
SEATTLE - recommend a salon? hightide 3
Atlanta SnB this weekend? purplehaze 2
Portland Naked Lady Party June 15th amyD 8
moving to Davis,CA next week cosmicxx 1
Sacramento/Davis? Snufkin 63
Seattle Dance Nights kungfugirl 5
Seattle - Going Dancing? kungfugirl 4
Go Lakers! Grace 12
Getcrafty dinner in NYC- Interested? getcrafty 18
summer w/church of craft los angeles collect 2
BOSTON cool goings-on shine 6
Anyone remotely crafty in the UK? beatee 15
is there ANYTHING to do in Philadelphia? VioletKarma 31
thrift stores in TX fringe_girl 5
stay free! needs you in nyc xiola 1
Apologies to LA ladies Grace 7
NYC gals - want some furniture? msmolly 6
nyc knitters wanted--$$ cowgirly 3
SF Bay Glitterati needs Portland host lilyblue 3
glitter girls in europe? girl.unsung 17
michigan glitter thrift-together? ferokitty 40
LA sample sale/benefit s_q 3
nyc: vintage clothing show, anybody? bklynbabe 4
Toronto East End SnB TONIGHT.... Mama Kate 1
Sac - San Fran pen pal Kitten Inc 1
car for sale in philly...CHEAP! jenna 3
"Moving" to San Francisco Bay Area Brown Sugar 5
Seattle Glitterati are Crafty Poseurs! mishymisu 16
Baltimore summer job hunt.... Wilddove 6
nyc ladies: time for another naked lady? bklynbabe 46
next SF SnB, thursday, 6/6 cleanout 2
yoko ono show! shawneemonkey 4
"Yard Sale"s? Never heard of 'em... Lacie 17
ottawaaaaaahhhh me-myself-i 7
Moving/Job Resources in Portland ursonate 3
cool new craft store in Kansas City jjfantastic 4
Hello Londoners! (Londonians?) glitzerina 5
LA lunch dates Grace 52
Visiting Cleveland Stormy 9
Savannah, Georgia karalynn 1
London calling! SassieCass 7
Hamilton ON S & B jane_bond 16
Moving to Seattle? Halcion 10
Anybody in Southern Illinois/St Louis? meguiar 3
Austin, TX Weather Questions cramp 21
Seattle Girls' Spa Day!!!! kungfugirl 47
Portland girls!! susan*s 4
LA seamstress job... s_q 1
Seattle - Antiques Rshow Needs Vols!!! Hester 1
ATL girls, Brandy house, only 21+? Knittinator 2
Packing my bags & moving to Austin TX!!! cramp 16
Kansas (It's better than Oklahoma!) XoeCraft 29
It's a mod mod mod mod world (Seattle) mishymisu 13
portland summer sublets?? noodletherapy 6
thrifting in Tucson eva-marie 3
help me find sf vintage/she-she shops girllogic 3
University of Westminster? est 1
dc SnB 4/27 StpRcsm 35
any coloradoans? Dilettante 37
good bead/jewelry source in LA? s_q 3
why you love where you live annaz 3
Seattle Girls' Dance Night kungfugirl 19
Toronto gals out there? sporadicity 44
Raleigh NC Tues 5/21 thrift store run? susan*s 11
next SF SnB, monday 5/20 cleanout 6
new dar williams tour dates- US & UK cleanout 1
windy city bound... kneesocky 2
NYC Bead Stores guessica 2
Chicago crafties? innerlemming 4
new ac moore store in falls church va sharem 3
NYC free health clinics mollie 5
Job Opening - Seattle Hester 4
Seattle love mishymisu 6
East Coast Tour... Wilddove 1
Sacramento area ladies! Punky Brewster 5
NYC stoop sale!! porknewton 1
Gilroy Garlic Festival lilyblue 10
Bay Area camping trip! Punky Brewster 22
NYC annual furniture/design fair Lacey 9
new to glitter...OC south ca? knittinkitten 23
Bklyn apt for August cowgirly 6
I'm moving to Washington D.C.!! DolceVita 12
Restructuring Tees Demo in Los Angeles What_Betsey_Do 3
summer housing in NYC! est 2
los angeles church of craft in may? alexeye 8

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